Wednesday, October 14, 2009


If you are in Nigeria and much conversant with the fashion scene and those who lights-up the runways, then the name AKPORE BOMA MARTINS surely will ring a bell.

A top crop model, who no doubt has held sway in major events across Nigeria; from West and D'Caribean Fashion Show to Nokia Lamour Fashion Show, MTN Campus Blast Tour, Niger Delta Fashion Show, MTN Chris Gardner  Fashion Show, Afrique Exotica, Fashion Rules are 4 fools by EmmyCollins, Style Night Fashion Series to mention but a few, Boma has never been intimidated by the massive and the most √©lites crowd in any of the mega shows he’d walked the runway for, rather, his attitude, charisma and confidence always comes through as a professional who leads while others follow.

Boma’s unique selling point has been his strong looks, one that he has carefully worked on and still continues to maintain through daily unbelievable routine, enough to break any ordinary man’s back.

With such an enviable track record in an industry many still struggle just to be noticed, it will beat the mind to know that Boma didn’t have modeling as his first call, rather, the profession sought him out and provided the platform; as the first model to grace the billboards of Nigeria’s giant telecommunication company, MTN, Boma knew instantly after that outing that he had found his calling and place.

Standing 6.2 in height, cool,charming, very easy to approach, down to earth and God fearing, with a matching fame, one would expect Boma to be involved with series of the industry’s most finest ladies…he will disappoint you much as he is always on the move…booked back to back all year round hence, the room to accommodate the opposite sex in an intimate relationship has been a challenge though he he has lots of female friends.

Boma has also been nominated for the Nigerian Models Awards...
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