Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The way I see it, nobody expects a man to walk down the street holding anything except a briefcase or some piece of wallet with folder cachet. 
Actually, there just isn’t any accepted norm of what a man is supposed to carry especially in our culture, even though I know we guys have loads of gadgets like cell phones, iPods, blackberries, gym or yoga clothes , newspapers, and God knows what else, yet, we don’t have a name for various lugging devices we carry.

There has been lots of terms that don’t seem quite right like a man bag, satchel bag, gym bag, message bag, and all, even though we would love to adopt a different rule to keep us separated from the female league of bag carriers, I still feel there is that need to remain that 'complete gentleman and elegant' with our male carry on; but still, we need to put these looks together in order  to express our masculinity and elegance without compromising our sense of style and still,  functional and also able to make that fashion statement without looking like a Lucy.
However, it’s still highly fashionable and acceptable for a man to carry a tote bag and look elegant and successful depending on the coordination.
Any man of fashion knows that bags have become a necessary tool and style accessory. No longer seen as solely a woman's item, actually, a man's bag has become an additional accessory that completes his look and style just like a woman’s bag does for her looks.

The vogue is in and for the men (and ...hey, I mean the real men...yeah...***winking) are some suggested tote bags with extra silhouette with that added chick. What makes the whole man bag thing raw is that it takes a man who’s secure in his masculinity to rock em.
I have this feeling it going to happen…but, don’t be surprised when your girlfriend asks to borrow it for the weekend...
These are fashionable men's bag that expresses your individual style & elegance and are in no way, if you've got've got it!

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