Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Teenager sheds tears of blood


Cry ... Calvino Inman
Cry ... Calvino Inman

Calvino Inman, 15, is taunted at school for being "possessed" as bloody tears seep from his eyes for up to an hour.

Doctors have so far been unable to diagnose the condition.

One theory is that Calvino has Haemolacria — literally meaning "bloody tears".

James Bond's enemy Le Chiffre in 2006 film Casino Royale suffered from the rare condition.

Calvino, of Rockwood, Tennessee, said: "I feel it coming up, like a tear, sometimes it will burn."
Mum Tammy said: "I just truly want somebody to say they can help us."

Am still in confused state...i dont have the right words to describe how i feel...seeing this helpless young boy's disheartening...phewwww...hmnnnn...guess i will just have to come back later to finish other posts for the day...suddenly dont feel right...



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