Monday, September 7, 2009


KEVIN, A Nigerian from Jos was yesterday announced as the flag bearer of Nigeria in the ongoing BIG BROTEHR AFRICA TV Reality Show.

27- year- old entertainer, Kevin has a BA in English Language and has 7 siblings. He’s proud to be Nigerian because Nigerians stand out and survive any situation – “which is why you’ll find a Nigerian almost anywhere. ” A Manchester United fan whose hobbies include rapping, Kevin would like travel to Hollywood to see a movie in the making there. If he wins Big Brother Revolution, Kevin will spend his money on creating an entertainment empire and will share some of it with friends and family who have stood by him.

The launch show kicked off with a banging performance from Somali star K’Naan singing his song “Waving Flag”. The crowd was moved as ushers walked onto the stage displaying the flags of all African countries represented in the house. The mood was filled with tension and excitement as the anticipated arrival of the Housemates drew closer.

IK , the host kept the crowd alive as he started introducing the housemates and many screams were heard as crowd members wished their country-mates luck ahead of the race to win the $200 000 prize! Jeremy, the buff 22-year-old developer from Kenya, got mad love from the ladies as he lifted his shirt to show off his six-pack. Quinn, the South African student, received applause as he exhibited his multi-lingual skills by speaking in isiZulu.

The crowd started quietening down as male Housemate after male Housemate walked onto the stage.

Who could blame them as there seemed to be no women in sight?The surprises were not over yet as IK revealed the last Housemate, Eddie from Namibia, and of course, his identical twin, Erastus. This announcement, a first in the history of Big Brother Africa, will see two identical Housemates playing the game by constantly switching roles for the first four weeks. The twins will have to tread very carefully as their survival in house rests on the other Housemates not uncovering their secret.

When all was said and done and the Housemates had settled in the house and getting to know the Starmates, IK announced yet another surprise. Although the male Housemates have no idea of this, 12 women will be joining them next Sunday. Current Housemates and fans alike will have to wait until next Sunday to see who the women Housemates are.
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