Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Ghana will soon join the global phenomenon in television game shows that is Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The Ghanaian version would be known as ‘Who Wants to Be Rich’. It would follow the internationally acclaimed format but would have Gh¢50,000 as the ultimate prize winnable.

Although the show would be produced at Ultima Studios in Lagos, Get TV Productions (the producers of general knowledge TV quiz) say that it would be produced with 100% Ghanaian participants and crew. The show is open to Ghanaians above age 18, who think they have what it takes to answer questions spanning from science, geography, entertainment, politics and other Ghana centric questions.

Who Wants to be Rich will start airing on TV in October but registration is now open and interested participants would have to send their names and locations to MTN short code 1770 at a rate of GH¢0.50 per text. Contestants for each production would be picked randomly by a computer and each potential contestant would be given a call where he/she would have to answer a simple general knowledge question as a test of his/her aptitude.
For each show, 8 contestants would be selected and based on how fast and correctly they answer the text question, a contestant would be selected for the ‘Hot Seat’ where he/she would answer a series of increasingly difficult questions.

There will be a series of 15 questions and if a contestant answers all correctly, he/she would win the ultimate cash prize. However the contestant would lose all or some of his/her accumulated money depending on what stage of the money chain he/she gets an answer wrong. Contestants would have some live-lines such as call a friend, 50-50 and ask the audience in times of difficulty or doubt.

Get TV productions hinted that there would be special series every now and then for children, celebrities etc. Who Wants to Be Rich is hosted by Ghanaian broadcaster/ presenter Kafui Dey is sponsored by MTN, Aero and EcoBank.

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