Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meagan Good Covers Today’s Black Woman

Today’s Black Woman’s magazine grabbed Meagan Good for the cover of their June/July  summer issue. Inside, the “Jumping the Broom” star opens up about marriage, whether she’d sign a pre-nup and her overall sense of style.

Is it important for you to communicate your beliefs with what you wear?
I think there’s a perception of me where I come off as a rebel. I definitely like to hang out and go out to clubs. I seem kind of like a wild child, and in a way I am. But I am also a woman who loves God, and I’m a firm believer in not being judgmental with other people. I am also a believer, as a Christian, going into places other people wouldn’t go because they are too busy judging. It’s about reaching people in dark places. 
Do you see marriage in your future? What are your must-haves in a man? 
I definitely want a family. My criteria for a man: Number one, you just have to be a man of God. That’s at the top of my list, or it’s a no-go. He has to believe in Jesus Christ and really love the Lord. Not someone who just says,“Oh yeah, I’m a Christian,” but someone who is actively trying to live his life that way. Someone who can encourage me and influence me to be a better woman. Nothing means more to me than that.
I believe women are the backbone of relationships and marriages and households.You can’t really have a good man without a good woman. I’m the kind of girl who would sign a prenup in a heartbeat, because I don’t want your money.

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