Friday, May 20, 2011

Lady Gaga Takes Oprah #1 Spot On Forbes Most Powerful Celebrity 100 List

Lady Gaga has had an amazing year, that has allowed her to surpassed Oprah Winfrey on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list.

She is the first person in Twitter history to have 10 million followers as well as rolling up on 32 million fans on her Facebook page, and because of her social media power Forbes decided to name her the most powerful celebrity on their 2011 list.

Oprah is holding down the # 2 spot on the list while teen sensation Justin Bieber is at #3, NBA superstars LeBron James at #10, Tyler Perry at #19, and my bff in my head Beyonce at #29.

So let me get this straight Lady Gaga is at #1, Oprah is #2 & my bff in my head Beyonce at #29 and I forgot to mention Charlie Sheen is at #28 a step above my Bff GTFOH!!!!!!! ***Blankstare*** Something about this list don’t sound right if you ask me smh!!!!!

Click here to see the complete list of Forbes Most Powerful Celebrities

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