Friday, May 20, 2011

Did Beyonce Use A Body Double In New Video?

According to a rumours currently flooding the web from someone who wishes to remain anonymous, Beyonce could have possibly used a body double in her new video for “Who Run The World (Girls)”. In the scene, that takes place from the 1:05 – 1:43 mark, Beyonce is dancing with two african dancers, however her head appears to be on someone else’s body.

Whether she used one or not is debatable (I’d seriously need my glasses to determine this) but it raises the question of would I look at the video any different if I found out that she wasn’t the one dancing. I personally think she slayed in the video but I am a huge fan and I’ll openly admit that :)

Take a peek for yourself:


Britney Spears made news last month after she was accused of using a body double in her latest music video, ‘Til The World Ends’. The Dancer was believed to be Britney’s choreographer’s assistant Tiana Brown who was used as a replacement in some of the high impact and dance scenes.

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