Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chris Brown Is Sick

R&B singer Chris Brown had to recently cancel his show in Australian due to a nasty viral illness.
“Fans of Chris Brown will already be aware that he is unwell due to his recent postings on his twitter page. At his concert in Brisbane on Friday night Chris told the audience he was feeling unwell but still managed to put on an amazing show despite his illness which has now escalated.”
Breezy was so dedicated to his fans, that despite being sick he still wanted to perform however his doctor ruled against it because he said his virus had developed into a nasty chest infection.
”He is not fit to perform on stage nor is he fit to travel. He was devastated and wanted to push and go for it, but for Chris’ health and wellbeing I recommended that he didn’t take any risks to avoid ongoing complications.”
Aww get well Breezy

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