Saturday, April 23, 2011

Britney spears Remix 'Till the World Ends' Released

Britney till New Song: Britney Spears   Till The World Ends (ft. Ke$ha & Nicki Minaj)
Just moments ago, Britney Spears‘ remix to ‘Till The World Ends’ featuring singer/songwriter Ke$ha and rap star Nicki Minaj surfaced.

Take a listen below:

Unlike the horrific remix of ‘S&M’ by Rihanna we were subjected to a little over ago, this remix actually works!  Nicki’s rap is very reiminicent of her sick verse on Trey Songz’ ‘Bottoms Up,’ Ke$ha sounds adding her own vocals to the song she co-wrote (more than likely, they used vocals from the original demo), and Dr. Luke managed to make the beat even harder.  It’s very obvious Britney is comin’ for that 6th #1 on the Hot 100!

What do you think of the remix?


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