Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HOUSE REAL BIG: Lil Wayne's Miami Mansion Is Yours For $12.9 Million (PHOTOS+VIDEO)

Rapper and serial father Lil Wayne is selling his Miami mansion for a loss. Wayne purchased the crib back in 2009 for $14 million but is now selling it for $12.9 million.
Pundits are speculating it may be because of tax woes that Wayne is selling the spacious waterfront home for less, as he lists his debt to the U.S. government agency at nearly $6 million.

Ok...him selling the house aint my biz..but am just kinda fascinated by it...ok..yea, call my villager but luvin the crib...check some pics of the house after the cut...

Built in 2004, the three-level estate also has a 3-bedroom guest house, a swimming pool, a 3-car garage and about 120 feet of water on Biscayne Bay. Wayne rented the place before purchasing it. 

Multiple living areas with white couches dominate the mansion.
The kitchen features stainless steel appliances.
The exterior of the mansion is glass and steel.

Video tour of Lil Wayne's mansion.


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