Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Donald Trumps Blasts Bill Cosby

With the upcoming Presidential election of 2012  just over a year and some change away, real estate mogul and reality television entrepreneur, Donald Trump, has his eyes on the Presidential nomination. It’s hard to tell if anyone is taking him serious as he’s been spending more time attempting to discredit President Obama’s nationality and U.S. Citizenship than talking about his desire to run for office. According to Donald Trump, he doesn’t believe that Obama was born in Hawaii, or in the States as his birth records claim.

Bill Cosby recently a breakfast Show was asked by the host on Donald Trump's recent comments on the President and wanting to run for office, he responded: Oh please, with Donald Trump. You either run or shut up. The only thing he’s running now is his mouth.”

Donald Trump, of course, was not happy when he saw the segment and fired off a statement accusing Bill Cosby of being two-faced.

“The other day on The Today Show, right after I was interviewed by Meredith Vieira, a terrific person and reporter, I happened to watch Bill Cosby who was on at the end of the show. While I have never been a fan of Cosby’s, I had always assumed he liked or respected me because every time I met him—the last time at the David Letterman show where I preceded him as a guest—he was always so nice, saying “let’s get together”—asking me out to dinner, and being polite to the point of offering to buy me a suit because he has a “great tailor.” 
In any event, as I watched the show, the subject of Donald Trump came up.  I was surprised to hear him blabber, somewhat incoherently “you run or shut up.” The hatred was pouring out of his eyes when he said this. As I am sure he must know I cannot run until this season of Celebrity Apprentice ends. I know that he has taken a lot of heat over the years  in that he seems to be talking down to the people he’s talking to and purportedly trying to help. Actually, based on the way he acted, things are not looking too good for Cosby.
I wish he would be more honest, and if he doesn’t want me to run because he’s obviously an Obama fan, he should state the reasons and not come into my “green room” in front of numerous witnesses and treat me like his best friend, only to denigrate me when I’m not around. Sadly, he got more attention talking about me than he did on the merits of his own appearance—maybe he is not as dumb as I thought.”
Watch the Bill Cosby response that set Donald Trump off below:


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