Thursday, March 24, 2011

WTF: Movie Producer Shaves Actress Pubic Hair For His New Movie “What Sex Can Do”….

Cropped close-up of a woman's thighs and pubic hair photo
You are thinking exactly what I thought when I read this story. It is Socrate Sarfo again[One of Ghana;s top movie producer at the moment].

Until today, I did not know movie producers/directors have the mandate
under FIPAG
to shave pubic hair of Actresses. This job is becoming more interesting, I will surely leave blogging to become a movie producer. And there is only one Actress I will want to shave her pubic hair.

If  you care to know how the shaving was done, then read below for more….

Socrate Sarfo
Socrate Sarfo

Ghanaian movie producer Socrates Safo has used a shaving stick to graze down the thick pubic hair from the vagina of an actress who played a role in his new movie, ‘What Sex Can Do,’ says information reaching the News-One newspaper.

Socrates, also known as the ‘Hot Fork Man’, is noted for producing adult-rated movie and a source close to his crew told News-One how the said pubic hair was shaved. “We were on set shooting the move and one of the actresses had to shave her pubic hair in front of the cameras but she was being dull so Socrates took the shaving stick and did it for her in front of the cameras and all of us,” the sources said.

It is not yet clear which particular actress opened her vagina for Socrates to shave but News-One has gathered that he cast a number of female stars including Baby Blanch and Kalsume Sinare. The source also managed to get News-One a not-too-clear photo of the said actress while she was shaving her vagina just before Socrates took over with the shaving stick.

Socrates Safo would not pick his phone calls when News-One tried reaching him over the matter and a text message sent to his phone was also not replied. The photos that were sneaked to News-One however showed that indeed someone had her vagina shaved.

It is surprising to note that controversial producer Socrates Safo has not succumbed to the incessant insults on his character as a movie maker as a result of the kind of movies he produces. The source said the scenes in the movie connote the title of the movie and also stars some accomplished actors.“Socrates has a way of beating the Censorship Board. However, it is still not certain if the Board would allow him to release it, because this one is hotter than ‘Hot Fork’ and ‘Adults Only’ according to the News-One source.
Socrate Sarfo

In Ghana, Socrates has been branded a porno movie maker and has been bashed a number of times. But he saw nothing wrong with his kind of movies as he described them as erotic movies.
Whatever it is, Socrates needs to find more vocabularies to teach a section of the local media what the media term “pornography movie” means as his upcoming movie would definitely face the condemnation his earlier movies faced. A couple of weeks ago, News-One captured him trying to teach the media what pornographic movies were, saying that Ghana’s media was ignorant and did not know the difference between an erotic movie and a pornographic one.


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