Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wiz Khalifa Talks Hooking Up With Other Dudes Girlfriends & More

One of my favorite rapper Wiz Khalifa, is covering the April/May 2011 issue of Complex magazine along with actor Danny McBride.

Inside, Wiz opens up about his love for smoking weed, his parents, & smashing other dudes girlfriends.
Check out a few excerpts below:

Complex: You’ve said you don’t like smoking blunts. Why?
I don’t smoke any blunts. I used to smoke blunts, but when you smoke the quality of weed that we smoke, you want to taste all that weed. You don’t want the blunt to get in the way. Plus blunts are real bad for you. They make your body ache, you be coughing up brown shit. I need my voice. I don’t want to have blunt damage.
Complex: Do you notice a difference in your work when you record something high, versus being sober?
Well see, I’m one of those artist who’s fortunate enough to always be high. I haven’t not been high since like fuckin’ ninth grade. [Laughs.]
Complex: How long have your parents known you smoked? And what was their reaction?
[Laughs.] Nah, nah, nah, My mom… she’s cool, she aight, she like that shit. [Laughs.] My mom knew I was smoking when I was 15. No, actually she knew the first time I smoked when I was in 6th grade, so around 13. I got in trouble for it and I thought weed was bad for a minute, but then I started smoking everyday! [Laughs.] So when I was like 15 she found out. She wasn’t mad about it. She was just like, “If you gonna be smokin’ give me some, nigga!” [Laughs.]
Complex: So your mother smokes?
Oh hell yeah! That’s the only reason why I know about weed.
Complex: Have you smoked with her?
Um, yes. [Laughs.] I did. I will get my ass beat if I don’t smoke with her. [Laughs.]
Complex: Why do you only rap about hooking up with other dudes’ girlfriends? You don’t mess with single girls?
Oh, man! This is the topic of the day! [Laughs.] I’m not like the other-guy-bitch-taker. I’m not going to go up and take anybody’s girl. I almost had to punch this dude in his mouth because he was like—first off I didn’t do nothing with her, but he was like, “Yeah, all my girl listens to is you, Wiz, and I’m pretty sure you’ve smoked with her and I love your music but I’m pretty pissed about it!” So I’m like, well, what do you want to do? Like why are you approaching me, dog? Don’t talk to me about it! Talk to her about it!
The truth of it is, these girls have boyfriends and they be out trying to act like they don’t have boyfriends, but they do! So like that’s just my own way of being like, you chicks think you’re slick. You’re coming to my hotel room and you’re staying here and you’re smoking this weed and you know you have a boyfriend.
Complex: So you’re the victim here? Shame on these women lying to you and taking advantage?
Yeah! Exactly! It’s no disrespect to the boyfriends. I’m just trying to let them know.
In the mean time check out the pic below that I spotted over @ Rap Radar of Wiz & Amber giving a little tongue action lol!!!

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