Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ray Charles Mistress Admits To Robbing Him In New Book

This woman sounds pretty cold. 

You may have never heard of Marci Soto, and you may be happy you never did. Marci claims she had a steamy, whirlwind relationship with legendary singer Ray Charles and not only did she abort his baby, she also stole money from him. She reveals details about their secret affair, which began in 1968, in her new book ‘Ray & Me’. At the time, both of them were married to other people:
“I certainly didn’t feel like I was robbing the blind. I felt like he was ready to do something he should have done years earlier, pay off my house.[...]I didn’t even tell Ray, there was no reason to know. I definitely wasn’t having a baby.”
In the book, she claims to have substituted $1 bills for $100 notes after taking home cash from a concert one night. She also claims that the relationship continued until 1997! That’s when she says she finally got sick of him being a womanizer.

…but she was married to while seeing Ray Charles. em…kay.

Some things you just have to take to the grave.

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