Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Nigerian Musician's no doubt have in the last few year's stood out, they have shown examplary life, skills and talents in their chosen field of profession and have indeed blazed the trail. Most especially in africa, they have left a mark that is a bit hard to catch up with.

With sounds so origional and videos of international quality and standard, Nigerian artists have not left it all there, that will be quite easy...i guess. They have gone a step further to raise the bar...to become fashion and style icons...most of them with even their own clothing line.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you NIGERIA'S TOP 5 MOST FASHIONABLE PERFORMERS(ARTISTS)


All hail to Dare Art-Alade. more often than anytime except when he is holding the mic as an anchor of mega shows around the globe. Dare treasures his jean and shirts made by various top designers but even in such simplicity, Dare knows how to lock it down.

For Nigeria's Top 5 MOST FASHIONABLE MALE PERFORMERS(ARTISTS), We are proud to unveil as Number One-DARE ART-ALADE.


At the mere mention of his name, global warming accelerates...i dare say that who is able to bring all the devoism in an all-round fashion and style than the KoKoMaster himself-D'BANJ?

Though young and at his best when usually semi nude, the koKoMaster till date reserves that appeal to send ladies (and i even hear women) racing the seven sea's through the berumda triangle just for a single touch...
'O Gbono fele feli!'


A standing ovation for the 'man wey sabi'. Naeto C has got an intimidating sense of style that has left many fashionista's beefing the 'bro' for naturally being able to pull out that perfect squeeze. Ladies and gentlemen, who knows the 'P'?...cos its the'big deal'.


A round of applause for Mr. capable...the dude who has truly shown that it takes more than just a strong vocal abilities, drop dead gorgeous looks and a great physic to become a fashionista.

Bank W. will in a long time to come leave us wondering if truly, Ebutte Metta could actually inspire to such great hight of fame, success and a matching sense of style.


Nigeria's mega pop twins, P-Square have over time not only shown us what success looks like...but have also complimented the feat with an astounding sense of style and fashion.
The duo have carefully created a trend in the hall of style that have left many fanatical followers trailing...

P-Square no doubtm have worked hard to deserve a place on the list of  Nigeria's Most Fashionable Male Performers(artiste).

Ok, there you have it peeps...this is our my own list...what do you guys think? do you believe there is one person on this list who is here and should not be here, or someone who is not here and has got it all to be at the top spot?

Lets why not make your own list...lets analyse it...

For now, am out of here. Need to catch some sleep...its 2:00am in the morning! Christ!

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