Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Polygamy may be common in many communities across the globe, but simultaneous weddings accompanied by blessing on the altar, are very, very rare...(werin we no see for this world?)

A South African man did what many saw as the 'unthinkable', when he walked four brides to the altar, marrying them at the same time...

The man, Milton Mbhele, 44, and father of 10, who showed his undying and equal love for all four brides at a lavish 'white' wedding held in a giant marquee in Kwa Zulu Natal, said he did that to save money and prevent cheating.

Mbhele, who has seven children with his four brides and three from previous relationships, cited his Zulu "culture" and economic reasons for the unusual wedding.
The women, in white gowns, each received rings and a kiss from the groom at a ceremony last Saturday attended by hundreds of people.
South African law recognizes traditional polygamous marriages, and even President Jacob Zuma has three wives. But Saturday's wedding was exception in Kwa Zulu history.

Eight cows were slaughtered on Sunday at the groom's home for the traditional part of the ceremony.

“Now You May Kiss Your Brides”

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