Sunday, September 6, 2009


Mnet has revealed a new Big Brother Africa House that stands out with fresh contemporary style, clean sophisticated finishes, Afro-chic interiors, and a revolutionary spirit. The Revolution is coming....

Today, Sunday September 6th when the much anticipated BIG BROTHER AFRICA: THE REVOLUTION hits DStv screens continent-wide, there will be a hidden star at the centre of the show, a newly designed and state-of-the-art Big Brother Africa house. Now complete and ready for big reveal the house is a marked departure from previous seasons, from its technology to its multi-textured, multi-faceted d├ęcor.

Polished stainless steel elements sit alongside warm wood tones and rugged stone, whilst canvas drawn paintings share space comfortably with unique graffiti artwork. Bold colors against a backdrop of neutrals provide key focal points throughout the house while wide open spaces allow for a feeling of space and tranquility. Add one gleaming kitchen which could be termed a chef’s dream, with all the modern conveniences, plus an open plan lounge accentuated in leather and luxurious throws, and the house fuses classic design ethics with a fun, easygoing twist.

Other rooms include an elegant bathroom, dormitory styled bedroom, polished dark wood dining area, and the always powerful diary room, this time with dramatic difference. Put together, and the Big Brother house is ready for action. Meanwhile outside, a decked patio offers cool comfort while the lush garden is offset by the sparkling plunge pool, the one element unchanged in tribute to last season.

With 100 microphones at work and 40 cameras, including manned, remote and miniature ‘lipstick’ cameras, the BIG BROTHER AFRICA house is a technological accomplishment which includes over 14 000 metres of cabling. To renovate and rebuild the existing structure into the new house took 70 000 bricks, 6 tonnes of cement and 4 tonnes of structural and reinforcing steel.

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