Sunday, September 6, 2009


It was a match the whole nation looked forward to…a victory that was not negotiable
From all walks of life the young, the old and even the female folks trooped to various viewing centres to witness this battle of the titans…even non fanatical football fans like myself couldn’t afford to miss out on the great moments…not minding forgoing seeing my all time favourite Big Brother Africa Welcome/Reception for the Housemates; although I might have done this out of patriotism for the fatherland …

Bottom-line: Nigeria has again slimmed all its chances of qualifying for the world cup which is for the first time in the history of the competition coming to the continent in South Africa come 2010; playing a 2-2 final scores with Tunisia was nothing short of suicide

No doubt 1994 represent the pinnacle of Nigeria’s football. Not only because of the nations cup win but also it was the first time the nation qualified for the FIFA World Cup. At the global football fiesta, the Nigerian team thrilled audience with their quality of play and emerged as the second most entertaining team. Unfortunately, it has been downhill ever since.

Participation at the world cup has seen similar retrogression since that period. Despite making the second round at France’ 98, the eagles were ousted in the most disgraceful manner. At the 2002 competition, in Germany, it was a first round exit as Angola-regarded by many as minnows-orchestrated Nigeria’s ousters.

Today no doubt was the defining match…an opportunity for the team to write their names in gold…well, heroes are sought and welcomed because it is a redemption day…(this was actually my thoughts before the eventful exit of Nigeria to be part of all the fun, the excitement and the global phenomenon that has come to stay with the competition)

Well…who knows, maybe come 2014, we would have been able to get it right…and who knows…maybe cap it all by being the first Africa nation to win the world cup that’s if that feat hasn’t been achieved by nations like Ghana or even Togo in 2020.

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