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Goodmorning Lagos, Great Morning Nigeria...and Happy Monday to you oh world…Hmnn..the weekend is over ..its a brand new working day…Monday, how I love Monday’s…I love it because after a whole three days of not going to work…having to deal with all that we couldn’t do during the week due to work, we finaally have some time to reflect and restrategise if you are like me…it also gives some people an opportunity to party hard, others build up on their faith through the Friday prayers and church vigils and Sunday worship serivices. Most importantly for rumour mongers and jobless journalists who earn in six digits, its an opportunity to pass to the rest of the public their facts and false stories which some swallow without even bothering to compare facts…

...I simply love the scenes at newspaper stands…i even witnessed another this morning on my way to the office...the argumenrs, the shouts, sometimes the fights…you get to hear different opinions almost making you believe thats the truth... …and I ask myself sometimes, where are these foks when elections for the national assembly are being conducted??? ok,lets for a second assume some of these folks dont like the dirty game or the complexities of politics, what about becoming pastor(s)? Cos these folks are good orators and i just wonder...

...Nigeria is one place where the common man knows how perfectly to rule the nation and the one in power simply has no idea how to even rule his own family…how ironic…Anyway…folks, its different strokes for different folks like they say...

No doubt over the last few days, its been the Nigerian banks with its regulator, CBN…the story keeps getting exciting with the twists and knots…for me, this is one story I think Nollywood should be interested in…am certain chimamanda Adichie will also find it suitable for her next book while African China should be able to put some beats and sounds into it for a chart buster…but then, what title could we possibly give it especially if you are going to write it as a blog post???

…hmnn…loadingloadingloading…ok…title loadingloading…

I beg, make we forget title go straight to the point jare'e

Sacked Managing Directors of the five bank affected by the CBN reforms and their executive directors will be arrainged before a federal high court btween today and Wednesday.The bank chiefs to be arrainged include Mrs. Cecelia Ibru, of Oceanic bank, Intercontinental bank, Berth obong of Union Bank, Sebastain adigwe of AfriBank and Okey nwosu of Finbank.The fifth managing Director, erastus akingbola of Intercontinental Bank been declared wanted by the anti graft agency which has vowed to use interpol to extradite him.

Mrs. Ibru will be facing charges of money laundering and 120 other offenses which the EFCC said contributed to illiquidity and other problems faced by the bank.
She is being accused of using a company, Project wave Nigeria Limited owned initially by her children and later handed over to her former domestic aide to launder 15billion naira which was taken out of the bank coffers under suspecius circumstances and transferred abroad.

Amongst other charges that may be preffered against Mrs. Ibru are insider trading, fraudulent abuse of process of award of faciloties and fraudulent manipulation of capital market.Details of Mrs. Ibru’s transactions through the Waves Project Nigeria Limited showed that as at 2006, the company was co-owned by Obaro and Bivi A. O. Ibru and one Simpson Okoro by 2007, the Ibru’s relinquished their ownership to Nana Bendell and Dele Oye. Nana‘s real name is Nana bendell while her marital name is Abdulahi.

However, to facilitate the movement of cash through facilities from Oceanic bank, Ibru allegedly opened five different files for Nana, her former domestic aide with five diefferent names; the names used by Mrs. Ibru for Nana Bendell includes - Nana Abdulahi Bendell, Nana Shetu Bendel, Nana Shetu Priscilla N. Abdulahi and Nana Udenwa.

With this names, Ibru was alleged to have taken out over 15billion naira on the pretext of facilities extended to the company owned by the various names.

At one point, Mrs. Ibru withdrew the cash of 47million naira from the bank coffers and made cash payment of 247 million naira into Nana’s account. Another 78million was also recorded to be made from the same account.

The EFCC will formally file the preffered charges today while the detained bank chiefs will be arrainged on Tuesday and Wednesday. much to know to becoming a bank chief...well, for now, we can just wait to hear Mrs. Ibru's own side of the story...

What a way to inspire our future generation to becoming...what chiefs???

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