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Ok, before you read this, i will admit here tht i onsider this petty...infact a trashy gossip i also know most of you her simply looove gossips...hey, but if you knw you dont...then dont go below this line...come back tomorrow when i would have posted a new blog but then if you read further after this point...then you certainly love gossips like the rest of all, gosspis makes life more fun you know...the freedom to say whatever you want about whoever you cared about...most especially if they happen to be in the lime light...

Star actress, Monalisa Chinda, on Friday finally admitted that her marriage to Segun Dejo-Richards had broken down irretrievably.
She disclosed this through a statement by her lawyer, Mr Festus Keyamo, confirming weeks of speculations and inquiries about the marriage contracted about five years ago.

In the statement, the mother of one says the marriage broke down because of incompatibility and irreconcilable differences.

“Like millions of other marriages, my marriage had its own strains and stress. I loved and adored my husband but there were many areas of incompatibility between us.

These instances of incompatibility led us to disagree strongly on many occasions. At the end, it appeared we could not manage the situation, which led to the marriage breaking down irretrievably.’’

The actress, who is one of the 13 Glo Ambassadors recently selected by the telecommunication giants, said she has instructed her counsel, Festus Keyamo, to file for divorce.

But despite the break-up, she said she will continue to respect her husband. In the formal statement, she promised to take care of her daughter and not to rehash the sordid details of the failed marriage in the media.

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Monalisa and daughter Tamar Kirejesu
“As a proper African woman, I will continue to respect my husband and will not raise my voice against him, since he is the father of my beautiful daughter. I will not exchange words with him in the media. I wish him well in all his endeavours and I hope he wishes me well too,” she said.

In the statement, which read in part like a sack letter, she said she will not offer any further comments as she would like to concentrate on her career and carry on in her responsibility as a Glo ambassador.

The break up is coming as a surprise as Monalisa on several occasions vowed that nothing could separate her from her husband. She was once quoted to have said at the christening of their daughter,Tamar Kirejesu , that if she were to reincarnate she would still marry Dejo again.

Sometime s last year, a soft-sell magazine reported that Monalisa had relocated to her uncle’s house in FESTAC. She promptly denied it, saying she only went there because of its proximity to her film location then. She described those peddling the rumour as enemies of progress.

When contacted on phone, her husband said he was shocked that his wife took such an action.
“What happened between us does not call for divorce. She has simply succumbed to bad advisers from her family and friends. I have made efforts to talk to her but she is not picking my calls,” he said.
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