Saturday, May 7, 2011

Video: Whitney Houston & Chaka Khan Perform At Prince Show

whitney 1 Video: Whitney Houston & Chaka Khan Perform At Prince Show
It was an all-legends affair at Prince’s Los Angeles show last night. The purple one was joined at The Forum by not only Chaka Khan, but the legendary Whitney Houston.
Leaving the spotlight to the ladies, the 52 year old assumed bass duties while Houston and Khan sang that latter’s classic ‘Tell Me Something Good’.

In the words of Houston herself, I guess her soprano never showed up that night. And by the sounds of it, neither did much else of her voice.
As much as we vouch for her, this really was one of those collaborations which looked better (and ultimately should have stayed) on paper. For, despite Whitney’s ‘new’ voice actually having shreds of potential, its biggest downside is its lack of consistency. This, clearly, being one of its many ‘off’ night’s.
Still, Houston fans have plenty to look forward to, most notable being her reprisal of the role of Savannah in ‘Waiting to Exhale’ sequel ‘Getting To Happy’. The big-budget flick begins production later this year.

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