Saturday, May 14, 2011

Serena Williams Sparks A Little Controversy By Getting Sexy On Twitter

Yesterday Serena Williams posted a sexy & revealing picture on her twitter page however she quickly took it down after she was slammed by her followers & a few journalist.
I thought it was a good idea that she decided to take it down giving the fact that she just got over having to deal with a crazy stalker…

If you recall a 40-year-old man, Patenama Ouedraogo, was arrested earlier this month, at Serena’s Palm Beach Gardens home in Florida when he was caught trespassing on her property by her private security guards.

Patenama was beyond obsessed with Serena , he was spotted entering buildings and getting clearance from security by saying that he was her assistant. He also tried to contact her one time when she was visiting her agent, saying that he wanted to help promote some clothing line in Africa however that time he was refused access to the building.
Another time Serena was visiting a radio station in Hollywood, when he was given access inside her dressing room, however after security found out that he wasn’t who he said he was they escorted him off of the premises.

And it don’t stop there, this fool was lol!!!!!!!!!!
After he was arrested, and questioned by the police, he stated that he kept tabs on Serena & tracked her down by following her on Twitter. The police also found a love letter in his pocket that he was planning on giving to Serena saying how much he was in love with her an he felt like they were soul mates, and knew that she felt the same way about him.

Lawd have mercy thank god they caught this clown because he looks like a straight up serial killer lmbo… I’m just saying popping up at her house, writing love letters, showing up to her meetings they need to lock his azz up & throw away the key he CRAZY!!!!!!

I understand Serena can’t hide the fact that she has a banging body & a big ole booty but after that situation she really needs to be more careful about what she post on twitter…..

I must admit it was a cute, artistic, sexy picture but after dealing with psycho, child please, I would have shut my twitter page down…. Yall would have never got another tweet out of me POINT, BLANK, PERIOD lol !!!!!!!!!!!!

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