Friday, May 6, 2011

SANTIAGO PRESENTS: ABRAHAM FREDMAN [ Nigeria's Presenter de' Hunk]

Tall, dark and handsome, and oh so fine!! Fredman Abrahamn embodies many women’s definition of sexy.  

Great look, Articulate and witty with a strong sense of determination and passion to make a difference in the lives of those around Him, Fredman is a complete entertainment package.

He has gradually become a force to reckon with, following hard after his role model, the enigmatic Derenle Edun.

I particularly looked forward to this edition of 'Santiago Presents' with him...I wanted to capture the experience of his interview with some of the world's most favourite personalities/celebs that he had interviewed in the course his work as Presenter...

Enjoy this piece...

No doubt, you have become a house hold name...but for the benefit of this interview, LETS MEET YOU?I am Fredman Abraham

Why did you decide to become a TV presenter?
the passion for entertainment (smiles)well i used to be a dancer,it never worked out,you know how it is when you go into something and the next minute you diversify......well from dancing i went into acting, and then runway modeling.....then this day i saw Denrele doing his thing on Tv and i said wow i think i can do this......and that was it...

When did you start presenting?

Were you inspired by any particular presenter?
yes denrele and wild child.....

Do you think African presenters/media practioners have the opportunity to succeed internationally?
the opportunities are limited here cos we dont have the platform like the MtV BASE AND THE REST.....

What else do you do aside presenting?
Am a Runway Model, An Actor, Voice Over artist,and Media consultant......

Do you have any other ambitions?
to own a media company....

What have been some of the challenges for you?

What’s the challenging or hardest production job you ever did?
Ghana fashion week and also a show in Port Harcourt[Nigeria],so i had too shuttle between Ghana and Port Harcourt in two days trust me it was really stressful and challenging....

Who is your favourite presenter here in nigeria and internationally?
in NIGERIA Denrele Edun........over um um lolsz.....(suspense)

People Have this general perception that people in showbiz are generally gay, whats your view ?
(lol)for real? i can only say about myself I AM NO GAY.......shikena.........

What's a routine day for you like?
firstly say my prayers, kiss my daughter Reni, go to the gym come back, get ready for work and off I go......

You are one of the few presenters considered as 'dashing'...What’s your workout session like as an actor?
I workout four times in a week and have fun the rest days with my family.......

What’s your favourite African food?
LMAO......Almighty Eba and Vegetable soup........

What do you hope to achieve with your career?
Going international, becoming one of the known and successful presenters in Africa and the world...and a very good role Model to others........everything is possible if u believe......

Favourite designers:
Dolce and Gabana Paul Smith.......

Trendiest fashion tip:
fashion is what you make out of’s a life style.......

Suits or African wear:
African Wear...

Boxers Shorts or briefs:
Boxers Shorts... 

Cufflinks or buttons:


Tie/ no tie:

Leather watch or metallic watch:

Metallic Watch

Shoes or sandals:

Roll-on deodorant or spray:

Razor or shaving machine:
Shaving Machine

Tattoo or piercing:

Skinny jeans or baggy:
Skinny Jean

African beads or chains:
African Beads

Favourite colour of cloths:
Balck, White & Yellow

Favourite perfume:
Christian Dior and Adidas 

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