Friday, May 6, 2011

Nigeria billionaire, Mr. Jimoh Ibrahim acquires New-swatch Magazine

Nigeria billionaire, Mr. Jimoh Ibrahim has bought Newswatch magazine company. 

Under the new arrangement, Mr. Ibrahim will among other things pay off the 7 months salaries being owed staff.
Newswatch was founded in the 80s by late Dele Giwa, Ray Ekpu and others. The magazine used to parade notable Nigerians such as Chief Tony Momoh, Otunba Mike Adenuga and Chief Alex Akinyele as directors.Newswatch was used as a platform to fight the tyranny and oppressive government of the  military at that time. 

  Newswatch magazine Editor in Chief in 1986, Mr. Dele Giwa was killed in a letter bomb attack, which many considered to date as one of the most brutal  murder against any journalist in Africa 
 It would be recalled that the Jimoh Ibrahim also bought National Mirror Newspaper  from the erstwhile owner, Mr. Emeka Obasi. The former Virgin Nigeria airline was also acquired by Jimoh Ibrahim,a lawyer.It is now called Nigeria Eagle.


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