Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Video: Alex Gaudino & Kelly Rowland – ‘What A Feeling’

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Kelly Rowland dons her dancing shoes in the video for ‘What A Feeling’ – her collaboration with Italian DJ, Alex Gaudino.
Directed by Frank Gatson,the vibrant clip comes at the aptest of times; for, with the (Europe-only) song now playlisted at every major radio station across the UK, its visual will no doubt give it a boast as the summer approaches.

Check out Ms. Kelly soaking up and the sun and dancing up a stom after the jump…

Favouring Rowland’s ‘Forever & A Day’ video, this excels where the former did and didn’t. Vibrant, lush, and colourful, the clip really captures the essence of the song well. What’s more, with choreography having been absent from many of Rowland’s Dance offerings, she delivered on that front too (kudos to Chris Grant on routine). That said, I’m still waiting for Kelly pop, lock, and drop it as she did in the ‘Lose My Breath’ video. I guess with the right song?

In any case, good stuff..


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