Friday, May 6, 2011

Man Updates Facebook Status With Plans to Kill Daughter…

Last November, Ramazan Acar had asked if he could take his daughter to get a Kinder Surprise chocolate from the milk bar. A few hours later, Yazmina was dead, murdered by the father she adored. It was a week away from her third birthday.
Earlier on the fateful day, the crazed father had argued with Rachelle D’Argent, the child’s mother, who begged for him to return their daughter.
At first, Acar told D’Argent that he and the girl stopped at McDonald’s and he’d bring her home soon. Didn’t happen.
Instead the “A”zzhole dad sent several texts and updated his facebook wall with threats directed to his ex that he was going to kill their daughter.
When Acar completed the deadly deed… he updated his Facebook wall to reflect that too.
Details below:

At about 7pm Acar calls & states:
How does it feel not to have your child when I didn’t have mine for three months?
Later, he demanded his ex immediately go to the police station and withdraw her intervention order. When she refused, he replied: ‘‘Well, I can’t do you any favours” and hung up.
According to court records, after several calls to Acar, he answered and responds:
‘Guess what baby, you’re not getting her back. I loved you Rachelle, I loved you. Look what you’ve made me do.
Now I just have to decide whether to go 120 [km/h] head on with another car and kill the both of us or take the knife and just put it through her throat.

Ms D’Argent continued to plead for Yazmina’s return and to work things through but at 7.23pm, Acar updated his Facebook status from his phoneand posted the following to his wall:
”Bout 2 kill ma kid”

He then sent D’Argent two text messages, stating, ”I Loved You” and ”It’s ova I did it.”
Eleven minutes later, Acar changed his Facebook status again and posted:

”Pay bk u slut”.

D’Argent was on the phone with police when she phoned Acar again. He told her that he was ”going to kill her”.

”It’s too late, I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it. Do you have any last words for her?”
He then put little Yazmina on the phone and she told her mother: ”I love you”.

Ms D’Argent replied: ”I love you too” and Acar then hung up the phone.
At 8.47pm he confessed to killing his daughter:

”I’ve killed her,” Acar said on the phone.
”She’s just lying there next to me … It doesn’t matter any more. All I need to know is should I dump the body somewhere and how much time do you think I am going to get for this? I killed her, man, I killed her.
I killed her to get back at you. I don’t care. Even if I go behind bars, I know that you are suffering.”

Two hours later, Acar sent another text to D’Argent:
”I h8t you,” he said, adding 20 minutes later: ”She’s in heaven I feel lyk shit.”

And yet another Facebook status update came at about 11.20pm:

”I lv u mimi”

MiMi was the mother’s nickname.
Police arrested Acar about 10 minutes after that last Facebook update and he confessed to stabbing his daughter multiple times.
(Pathologists would later conclude that Yazmina’s death had been prolonged and painful because Acar had missed her vital organs.)
Her body was found was later found hidden in a grassy area along with the murder weapon.
Acar pleaded guilty yesterday to one count of murder.

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