Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jermaine Dupri is being sued

Super producer Jermaine Dupri is being sued by his baby mama Sarai Jones a former stripper for missed child support payments.

Earlier this year, a paternity test proved that Jermaine Dupri was the father of Sarai’s 7- month-old daughter, and a judge ordered him to pay a lump sum of $7,500 as well $2,500 per month in child support.
Word on the curb is Jermaine met Sarai at during her stripper days at Atlanta’s popular strip club Magic City when she worked under the name “Obsession” and her unexpected pregnancy is the reason him & Janet broke up.
“Dupri, the diminutive producer often hid Sarai (and her stripper friends) in the back room of his Atlanta recording studio while Janet visited with him in the main studio. Friends say that Janet knew Jermaine was spending her money on strippers (and she even participated in ménage à trois with them), but her attitude at the time was, “whatever makes him happy.”
“Jermaine’s world began to unravel quickly when Jackson learned of Sarai’s pregnancy and ended her relationship with Dupri before moving back to California.”
My question is at what age and point do men stop tricking off their money f*cking these strippers & random chicks without a condom?
I’m just saying how you gone mess up a good thing with Janet, a woman who had your back & held you down for some random stripper chick who only cares about one thing & one thing only & that’s your MONEY SMH!!!!!!
I wish these men would grow up & start doing better yuck!!!!!!!!!

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