Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Sexton of Westminster in Acrobatics Display

yea, finally, th much anticipated Royal Wedding' has come and gone...we wish the couples a great married life...but i know few people who would have love the opportunity to show some public affection of 'medua craving attention grabbing madness' me, i do...
But while others seek for such cheap media publicity, others are saddled with some huge responsibilities that could either mar or give make them to go down history as unforgetable names.
One of such, is Verger Ben Sheward. The Sexton of the Royal Wedding at the Westminster Abbey; who could not help but to display some of the finest acrobatic moves i have not seen in a while after the service; i guess it was his own way of relieving stress.[who wouldnt? (:-].
Am almost more than certain he did not know that some of the cameras set in the church to cover the service were still on, so he was caught red-handed.
Check out the video below

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