Sunday, April 17, 2011

[Video] A Conversation With Tyrese

We’ve seen Tyrese grow as a model, singer, actor and now we get to witness his journey a certified author. He wrote his new book “How to Get Out Your Own Way” for fans. His book tour also stopped in Little Rock Arkansas couple weeks ago, where he caught up with the Wild Moguls Network to talk about self-improvement, philosophy and his advice to entrepreneurs.

On being a mogul
I’m every bit of a mogul. I’m a billionaire. I got a dinner scheduled with my billion soon. I’ve already had dinner with a hundrednaire, dollarniare, millionaire and my meeting with my billionaire is coming soon, I believe that. It’s very important for all the entrepreneurs and business folks out there trying to get these dreams and visions off the ground…It’s very important that you keep dreaming and coming up with concepts and ideas beyond what you can afford. Most people be like, “Man, I can’t afford that I, so I shouldn’t be thinking that big.” Well, if you believe you’re not going to get something done, you won’t get it done. My dreams and ideas that hit me are much bigger than my finances. That’s why I know at some point I’m going to have that meeting with the money because the idea is so big they’re eventually going to find the money and that’s just the way it is. I’m not even motivated by money at this point and it’s not because I have money like that because I don’t….I’m comfortable, I’m nice. At this point, it’s about world impact. It’s about allowing the world to experience your thoughts. 
Advice to entrepreneurs
I encourage all the entrepreneurs and moguls, soon-to-be-moguls to get the ideas out. Do the research, do the diligent, find out who your competition is, really get a sense of what’s out there already. Here’s my biggest advice: If you ever want to invent something, pay attention to what people complain about and there lies your idea because most of these brilliant ideas are always connected to a complaint.
 Watch a Conversation With Tyrese:

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