Friday, April 15, 2011


Toni Braxton Nude
So, is Toni gonna pose nude or not? That seems to be the lingering question after Toni Braxton, star of Braxton Family Values, revealed to Wendy Williams that she was once again approached by Playboy to appear in their magazine.
“They asked me and I was really flattered, they’ve asked me a few times in the past but one of the reasons I was more excited was because after I was sick and I didn’t feel sexy and I thought I had lost my mojo, and when they asked me, I’m like, ‘Do they still think I’m sexy? My boobies hang down to here a little bit.’ So I was really flattered…I haven’t decided. I have until June. One of the reasons I’m hesitant is because of my boys. I don’t want their friends to come up to them at school and say, ‘I saw your mommy’s boobies.’ You know? It wouldn’t be a full spread.” 

Some of Toni's friends had this to say about her 'tough call' on Toni’s possible Playboy future.
Keri Hilson: “More power to anyone who chooses to do that but I don’t see that in my future, whatsoever. I just don’t. I am doing something for Allure Magazine which is for skin cancer so I’m partially nude and I think that’s as far as I go. It’s using my celebrity for a great cause. It’s for an issue, being breast cancer. She’s got a great body and it’s a personal decision. I don’t think it’ll affect her music.Playboy is not looked at as it once was. More power to her. She’s grown and more power to Toni Braxton is that’s what she decides to do.”
Olivia: “To each’s own, everybody doesn’t like the same thing. Everybody should do what they want. If she still looks good and wants to do it, I say go for it. But me personally? I wouldn’t do that, period. At any age.”
Lloyd: “Wow, that’s interesting. My question is, can I take the picture? [laughs] Come on, man. [laughs] She’s grown, she can do what she wants to do.”
Wendy Williams told Toni straight up on the show, “Don’t do it! You’ve come to far to have to do that. We already know you have a great body and $100,000 is bubble gum money compared to what the IRS wants [from you]“. 
That Wendy…

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