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After a successful year with his critically acclaim media-hit debut single track called “Jezebel” and second recently released single called “Fiki Faka” from his yet untitled African Album to be released in 2011. SUPERSONIC BLAZE has definitely shown that he has come to stay. Despite the very challenging musical terrain here in Nigeria, this 'bundle of talent' has performed on major international shows across the globe -London, Ghana, to mention but a few...He has currently gone on to spread his wings and work with international to be unveiled soon....

As usual, yours truly caught up with him after chasing him for over two months for this interview...
Ladies and gentlemen, we're pleased to introduce for this weeks 'SANTIAGO PRESENTS' - Supersonic Blaze aka Precious Ewa..

Read Our Exclusive Interview with Nigeria's finest, SUPERSONIC BLAZE...after the cut...

What is your origin?

Which record label do you belong to?
Supersonic Gang (crew)

When did you start music?
At the age of 12 at church. I was the children's choir master

Were you inspired by any particular artiste?
Sure, a lot, from Bon Jovi, Bob Marley, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Fela Kuti, Biggie, Tupac, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Damian Marley, Tuface to a lot more

Do you think African artistes have the opportunity to succeed internationally?
Sure, because we are like virgins, our talents are raw and untapped, not adulterated

What else do you do aside music?

I took up painting as a hobby, I write scripts and direct motion picture

Do you have any other ambitions?
Yes! I want to win a Nobel peace prize

What have been some of the challenges for you?
Being versatile is a great challenge because there has to be good delivery no matter how it comes. There is a mood for every song so the artiste has to initiate it

What’s the challenging or hardest collaboration job you ever did?
Lol, I did a song with a Chinese rock band in Malaysia and the session was very comical
who your favourite artiste is?
Everybody (There is no artiste that goes by the name "EVERYBODY", lol) I have mood swings so today I might be here tomorrow I might be there

What's a routine day for you like?
I wake up with a glass of juice in front of me; I drink it after saying my prayers, workout, read, write and go to work (my runs for the day), hangout, and sleep

What’s your workout session like as an artiste musically?
I move with the ambience, I’m a freestyle artiste so I take the session at its best

What’s your favourite African food?
Pounded yam and fisherman soup

What do you hope to achieve with your career?
I want to be a role model to those who feel they can’t by showing them I can.

Favourite designers:
Louis vitton, Gucci, Kenneth Cole, polo. I always have at least three of them on me each day

Trendiest fashion tip:
Wear bright colors

Suits or African wear:
Both (Depends on the occasion)

Boxers Shorts or briefs:

Cufflinks or buttons:

Tie/ no tie:
Tie 30% no tie 70%,looool

Leather watch or metallic watch:
No leather, it irritates my skin

Shoes or sandals:

Roll-on deodorant or spray:

Razor or shaving machine:
Shaving machine

Tattoo or piercing:

Skinny jeans or baggy:
Skinny Jeans

African beads or chains:

Favourite colour of cloths:

Favourite perfume: 
Bvlgari blv


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