Friday, April 22, 2011

SANTIAGO MEETS: Minjin Lawanson Adewale Junior

Minjin Lawanson Adewale Junior is a multi talented musician.

A fast rising act in the Nigerian Music industry, Minjin is also model, song writer and performer, he has endeared himself to millions of people all over Nigeria and Africa through his music. 

True Creativity they say extends beyond the box; Minjin has surely proven that fact over and over again. He isn't just prolific when it concerns writing music and performing those lines with beats and rhythm but can translate those lyrics, beats, rhythm and movement into a visual art.

Again, Minjin does not just leave it there, as he goes so much as bringing those visual arts into life. Minjin has contributed to the most companies gaining market grounds by using his charm as a model to sell their products. 

Presently signed to Nigeria's biggest record label, Kennis Music, Minjin is a work in progress. a force that the Nigerian music presently can't do without...

I recently caught up with Minjin in a heart-to-heart chat...

I must say it was indeed an eye opener..and as usual, it was exclusive...


What is your origin?
i hail from oyo state but was born in idiroko lagos and brought up in 

Which record label do you belong to?
I belong to kennis music

When did you start music?
I started singing when I was 15. Started off as a dancer

Were you inspired by any particular artiste?
i was inspired by Michael Jackson, James blunt, dido, usher, 2face, psquare 

Do you think African artistes have the opportunity to succeed internationally?
Yeah we can succeed and opportunity is open now that most foreign artistes want to collabo with naija artistes; a typical example is dbanj. Once u have good material I mean good songs you good to go.

What else do you do aside music?
I paint, and model

Do you have any other ambitions?
I aspire to become a producer which I’m working on right now as well as an art veteran

What have been some of the challenges for you?
my challenge is that its really hard in the industry now and 2 disseminate your song is just one thing, another is getting them to play it;  some of this DJ’s collect your CD and won’t even listen coz they play already known artistes and careless about u as well as on air personalities but I understand that its something u have to go through

What’s the most challenging or hardest collaboration job you ever did?
none for now

Who is your favourite artiste?
Michael Jackson, 2face Idibia

What's a routine day for you like?
I wake up, I pray,  workout, voice exercise, dance rehearsals 

What’s your workout session like as an artiste musically?
Well my days are always busy and stressful interviews and studio sessions

What’s your favourite African food?
iyan and egusi soup

What do you hope to achieve with your career?
I hope and pray to win the prestigious MTV Base Award, Kora and finally the Grammy before I hit 30.

Favourite designers:
Louis button and Gucci

Trendiest fashion tip:
Match the right colors plsss

Suits or African wear:

Boxers Shorts or briefs:

Cufflinks or buttons:

Tie/ no tie:

Leather watch or metallic watch:

Shoes or sandals:

Roll-on deodorant or spray:
Anything for men don’t have preferences

Razor or shaving machine:
Shaving machine

Tattoo or piercing:

Skinny jeans or baggy:
Skinny jeans

African beads or chains:
African beads

Favourite colour of cloths:
Purple black and blue

Favourite perfume:
Any nice one

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