Monday, April 25, 2011

Report | I-Phone Users Are Whores…

Ok maybe the subject line is a little far fetched, or is it? Maybe not a whore but more sexually active than an Android or Blackberry user so says a new report from the dating site OKCupid. According to Mashable:

“OkCupid looked at the data hidden in the images that users uploaded as profile pictures to see which cameras were used to take them — including smartphone cameras. With many of the site’s users also having taken personality tests like “The Dating Persona Test” or “The Slut Test,” which ask for a count of sexual partners, the site was able to cross-reference that data to complete the study.”
In one approach, the survey sample was restricted to people aged 30. That way, differences in the usual ages of users of one smartphone type or another couldn’t affect the results. Among Android users aged 30, the average man had accumulated six sexual partners in his lifetime, while the average woman had accumulated 6.1. Among BlackBerry users, the number was 8.1 for men and 8.8 for women. Male iPhone users had 10 sexual partners and female iPhone users had 12.3
Looks like our sexual behavior has been clocked Team I-phone! Whats your thoughts? Does the type of PDA a person use tell you more about that person sexually? Is there more Eye Candy in an I-phone user camera than a Blackberry/Android user? And then there is that naughty naughty Grindr app…


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