Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prince Harry Promoted to Captain Harry Wales!

Prince Harry
Prince Harry
Prince William is not the only royal family member to receive attention. His brother,Prince Harry has been promoted to Captain within the Army Air Corps in recognition of time service in the Armed Forces.
According to Us Weekly, 26-year-old Harry is now known as Captain Harry Wales in the military.

Harry completed his eight-month Apache Conversion to Type course last week. The program included ground school training, as well as day and night flying and complex simulator training.

Meanwhile, Harry was also busy planning his brother's weeding. "The DJ, the playlists, cocktail menu, food ideas. . .so much is all from Harry. Bless Harry, he's put his heart and soul in to it. There is very little being planned by a party planner for the latter half of the evening reception [which is split into two halves]. It's all about the young crowd and Harry wanted to make it fun and appropriate", one palace aide said.

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