Thursday, April 14, 2011

People Names Jennifer Lopez World's Most Beautiful Woman!

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

At 41-year-old Jennifer Lopez was named as People Magazine's 2011 "World's Most Beautiful Person".
"It's so crazy. Rarely am I left speechless, but I feel honored. I feel not worthy, you know? I feel happy and proud. Proud that I'm not 25! I feel better, I feel smarter. In my 20's, I just wasn't there in my mind and my soul and my spirit. It’s just great to be in the position I'm in now and be able to share that with the world.

 I think it's because I have a lot of love in my life. I feel lucky to be an attractive person, but I've always felt that real beauty always comes from your heart", the 'American Idol' judge said.

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