Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Describes Her Butts As ‘Bumper Bumper’ & Speaks About The Hand On Her Butts At Grammy Awards!

Most African women are gifted with over-sized protruding backsides [buttocks] and some African men consider themselves lucky to have such a woman at their disposal.

However when a man places his hand on top of over-sized butts of a woman, it is mostly not a big deal but then it can become a big deal when the over-sized butt owner is a married celebrity who hails from a country with ruthless tabloids.

The news of Actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde gracing the red carpet at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles was overshadowed by the fact that, the Actress also known as Omosexy appeared too normal with her outfit.

Omosexy wore a black and white prom-like dress which showed her body curves; her tummy, arms, breasts and her over-sized butts got all the media attention instead of her round face, pointed nose, her good sets of teeth and her lovely smiles.

From the same Grammy, pictures circulated on several blogs in which with a certain man placed his hand firmly on the butt of the sexy Actress who is also a wife and a mother of four.

Omosexy who is currently in Ghana shooting for Leila Djansi’s new movie ‘Ties That Bind’ has for the first time since the pictures were published spoke to the media at the press conference organized by the movie maker at Ho, Ghana to give the media the opportunity to interact with the casts in the movie.

You will be fascinated by what happened out there. After the press conference, people rushed to take photographs with Omosexy. The rather sweet looking actress welcomed the move but just when guys placed their hands on her butt, she objected jokingly but seriously: “No, don’t put your hand there please. After what happened the last time, let me rather hold you.” She said.

This was funny but it was a bold step taken by the actress after all ‘once bitten twice shy. This time around, she was more careful to forestall repeating similar occurrence.
Explaining to journalists what really happened at the Grammy Awards; the excited Omotola laughing uncontrollably said “It is just another picture with anybody else. It was a very happy day, a fun day and the guy [artiste from America] unfortunately his hands was right on the bumper bumper [pointing to her butts]. Its just one of thosepictures.”

So was she aware of the guys hand on her bumper bumper? She answered in a negative “Of course not” and asked “how will I?” she continued “I tookpictures with so many people that day and its like I’m taking pictures with you people now. So there is no way I could have known his hand was placed there until I saw the picture.”
She further said: “I didn’t even remember I took a picture with him. That’s the truth. I just remember him; it was even after I saw the picture and all the noise about it. I had to search for his name because people were saying he is my manager. Its just one of those pictures.”

Omosexy playing the character Adobea in Leila Djansi’s new movie laughed when asked if her husband Captain Ekeinde is uncomfortable with that picture, she said “Who? Captain Ekeinde?” she said amidst intense laughter suggesting that her husband is more enlighten to get worried about such a picture.

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