Saturday, April 30, 2011

Museveni Madness In Uganda-Daylight Torture Of Opposition Leader, Besigye

"It seems really unbelievable, babaric and highly inhuman. But are we to deny that we Africans can be termed as subhumans. From Cape to Cairo these similar acts continue to abound. The Colonialist are to blame utterly for all these, they knew we Africans are a sub-breed of humans needing directions and guidance to put us or bring the continent at par with the rest of the developed world.(The Romans did this with other nations and people). And yet devoid of any explanation the Colonialist succumbed to the yearnings and false aspirations of the so called African nationalist leaders clamoring for independence. The years gone by have proven the fact and made known the reality that we AFRICANS are not and were not ready to rule ourselves. But pride, myopic tribal and ethnic leanings will not allow us to accept these facts. Just take a look at the whole continent and point to a model African nation worthy of emulation."

The above was a quote i picked somewhere from the internet from an anonymous writer...and for me, it describes perfectly the video below...take a look....and judge for yourself...

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