Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet Rihanna’s Half Siblings…

Rihanna has been pretty open about her close relationship with her two little brothers Rorrey and Rajad over the years, but it looks as though she has three other siblings that she rarely mentions. Her two older sisters, Kandy and Samantha, and brother Jamie were fathered by her dad before he met her mother and they are doing pretty well for themselves. Kandy (pictured above with her kids) works as a pharmacist’s assistant, Samantha has a master’s degree and works as a government consultant, and Jamie is a graphic artist in Barbados.
Although, they don’t get to see Rihanna often, her sister Kandy revealed that they have been trying to keep in touch:
She’s very busy jetting off all over the world, and I have to work long hours, so I suppose there hasn’t been much opportunity to talk, really [...] I’m not jealous of the fame or fortune. I live a simple life out in the country, but I’m very happy with what I have.
She also adds:
I don’t think we have very much in common, but we do have the same large forehead.
Rihanna and Kandy

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