Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lil Wayne Is Happy Living A Sober Free Life

As part of his probation rapper Lil Wayne was ordered to refrain from drinking or using drugs for the next three years. In a recent interview with MTV the New Orleans rapper admitted that his new sobriety has been a major adjustment from his previously lifestyle.

Weezy stated he relied heavily on marijuana and cough syrup when it came to writing his music & performing on stage.
“It’s a big difference. I almost jumped in the crowd, I’m sober, I’m sweating. I’m tasting my sweat. My sweat taste different. My sweat used to taste like weed. But now it’s just, I’m like I don’t know what it is … I’m out there, my eyes big, my eyes all wide. I had threw my glasses, I don’t even need these. I could see everything right now. But yeah man, it’s a great feeling.”
And according Young Money’s first lady Nicki Minaj she revealed that her boss is a “joy to be around” now that he’s clean & sober free:
“He’s nicer. He’s more calm, I guess when you’re not getting high you have to deal with reality and I think he likes his reality now … The couple (of) times I’ve seen him, it’s just a joy to be around. He’s easier to get along with and easier to talk to, I feel, now.”
Good for Weezy hopefully he will continue his new sober free lifestyle even after his probation is over…

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