Monday, April 25, 2011

Let’s Get Talking: Partners’ Request For Facebook Passwords, Is It Part Of Being Opened Or Is He/She Just Being Possessive?

You walk out of the door, insert the key in your car and your phone beeps, you have a new message….it reads “love you, miss you already”.
After talking on the phone for 2 hours and two minutes, there is another message,” did I tell you how much I love you?” You were on the usual friend's night out on Friday and boo keeps suffocating you with incessant phone calls and messages.
Is it a way of demonstrating strong love or smothering? Many times we always confuse love with smothering. Which ever way it goes, most relationship therapies concentrate on partner’s privacy, time and space, but love they say considers and respects what others desire.
If your partner keeps requesting for your password to any of the social networks, especially facebook, what will be your reaction? Is it insecurity on his part or establishing greater trust, openness and concern in the relationship?
Partners spend waking moments with each other. Never give them breathing space, grasp and stalk on them with crazy phone calls and questions. Pestering loved ones to give up seeing friends, just to spend “quality time”.
Normally, insecurity in relationships causes retrogression. Some partners feel like cell mates rather than soul mates. Does making password accessible show how much you love him or her or do you  view it as a form of oppression?
People might have divergent views on this so let’s get talking… Does it create a healthy relationship or destroys it?? What is your take on partners who consistently request for passwords of their other halves?


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