Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gucci Mane Arrested for pushing a woman out of a moving car

SMH -_-

I’ve heard some crazy Gucci Mane stories over the last few years…from him punching a lady dead in her face at a show, to him recently tattooing an ice cream cone on his face…but this latest arrest might just take the cake.

Gucci Mane was arrested yesterday morning in Atlanta from an altercation that occurred on January 28th.  According to the incident report, Gucci picked up a woman at South Dekalb Mall in his white hummer after asking her if she wanted to go to breakfast. The 36-year-old alleged victim, says that though she had never met Gucci before, she was familiar with him as an artist, so she agreed to go with him. After they began driving for a bit, she realized that he wasn’t taking her to breakfast so she asked him “where are we going”. Gucci allegedly told her that he wanted to go to a hotel and that he had $150.

The woman refused and told him, “take me back to the mall, I can make my own money”.
Reportedly, while the vehicle was still in motion, Gucci leaned over and opened the passenger door, then attempted to push her out of the Hummer. When he got off the highway and onto the shoulder, he was able to push her out of the vehicle while it was still moving. The woman was later taken to an Atlanta Medical Center where she was treated for soreness and pain..

Shall I even ask?
What sane lady would get in the car with a man she didn’t know, that just happened to be a celebrity, but has a laundry list of past arrests, did some time in a psych ward, all for some bacon, eggs and a hash brown. boi! this gurl could have done better...

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