Thursday, April 7, 2011

Goodluck Jonathan Bribes Journalists?

These are the pictures of the alleged gift said to be given to news editors in Abuja to support the candidature of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in the forth coming in elections.

Immediately the pictures started circulating around, the campaign organization denied it saying it is the work of their detractors. But a closer look at the whole scenario calls for a close attention; the content of each bag is N200, 000, Samsung Galaxy Tab valued at N55, 000 and other accessories “guess-timated” at N25, 000, all totaling N280, 000 per news editor.
Assuming 20 news editor were present at the parley, total sum of the gifts given out will amount to N5.6 Million. Who amongst the present contestants will give such an amount to journalists?  
Food for thought!

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