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I believe so much in Human Rights of which the sexual orientation of people is equally important and rides on the same wavelength with Right to Life, Freedom of Speech and Expression among others. However, Human rights have and can never be universal; it stems from, inter alia, the culture and the legal frame work of a particular society.
The above therefore means that, until our culture and legal framework as African's begin to recognize and give strong grounds as well as legal efficacy to Lesbianism, no Human rights argument can suffice. This therefore makes ‘Lesbo’ acts illegal and socially wrong in most parts of Africa.

Let me not bore you guys with my legal arguments and move straight to the gist. According to what I have been privy to, lesbianism is swiftly taking over Ghana’s entertainment Industry with some of the big names on the movie screens being mentioned as active ‘doers’.

Reports have it that, a certain Jessica who claims to have once been in a ‘Lesbo’ relationship with a certain ‘Nana Akua Addo’ who is said to have starred in movies like “Hidden Passion”, “Believe Me”, “The Wrath of a Woman”, “Raj the Dancer”, “Innocent Scenes ” and also can be identified as the second runner-up of Miss Malaika Ghana 2003 has gone religious and unveiling her dirty days with her partner.
According to Flex Newspaper, when ‘Nana Akua Addo’ was contacted via phone, she said “she doesn’t know anything about the allegation, and that it has been a long time she met the said Jessica and has even lost her contact so she is very surprised she is accusing her of all these, now that she claims she is born-again”.
n a closely related gist, rumour has it that the same ‘Nana Akua Addo’ is in a serious lesbo relationship with a top Ghanaian Actress whose name was given to Flexx as “Y.N”.
It is claimed that ‘Nana Akua Addo’ recently visited Dubai with her Actress partner by name ‘Y.N’ and stayed in a hotel called Hayyti Hotel”.
I have been told Lesbianism is in the new game in the Ghanaian EntertainmentIndustry with some top Actresses, Radio presenters and Night Club owners actively being the ‘ballers’ of the game.
...hmnn...YOUR THOUGHTS???

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