Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alicia Keys Makes Directorial Debut

Alicia Keys is making her directorial debut directing one of five short films that comprise Lifetime’s new film, Project Five. The five films, put together as one, is about how breast cancer has affected people’s lives.  Alicia’s film is titled Lili and features Tracee Ellis Ross, Jenifer Lewis, Jeffrey Tambor, Rosario Dawson and Jeanne Tripplehorn.
Jennifer Aniston is the film’s executive producer and will direct one of the short films. Other directors include Demi Moore and Patty Jenkins.
More flicks from the set after the jump.

Alicia excited Tweeted: “My directors desk! ;-) 2day was un-friggin-believable!!!! I’m so proud of every1 involved #Icangetused2this!”
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