Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nicki Minaj Video [Nigerian] Model Punished for Tweeting

When will folks learn that twitter will get you in trouble every time?

Case in point, two week ago Nicki Minaj tweeted that she would be shooting a new video but purposely kept the title from her fans because she wanted to keep it top secret. According to TMZ, a model/singer by the name of Toyin Koyejo was hired to be the leading man in the video but instead was demoted to being a face in the background after he revealed the song they were shooting the video for ["Super Bass"].

Apparently, right after he tweeted from the set, a less than happy member of the crew let Toyin know that he had violated his confidentiality agreement by putting out the information. Toyin, who was almost fired, allegedly gave a million apologies and was given a background role.

Instead of shutting up for good, Toyin continued to tweet:

“Long story short Yall got me in trouble for tweeting…I got featured in the vid but my boy got the lead so I’m good.”

Toyin goes on to claim that he never knew that anything regarding the song was a secret, and  the previous tweet doesn’t mean that the lead role was taken from him; he alludes that he never had it in the first place.
“OMG word sure gets around fast. Now TMZ is on my azz about Nicki’s video… I DIDNT KNOW THE TITLE OF HER SONG WAS A DAMN SECRET!! #FML” (f**k my life)
“& my tweet neva said I was demoted, it said “My boy got the lead so I’m good” …We’ll C after the video is edited if I’m still 1 of the leads”
After the video is edited, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s deleted from the video altogether. Even if he didn’t know that it was a secret, did he really think it was a good idea to tweet to the world about what’s happening on the set of a platinum-selling artist’s music video, before they do? Good luck getting another role buddy!

MTV (who was given exclusive coverage) released their Behind The Scenes video a day later. Watch it here

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