Saturday, March 26, 2011

Keri Hilson And Chris Brown Have A "One Night Stand" (NEW VIDEO)

Nothing excites me much ore than when i see my two fave entertainment personalities know like when the tension was hot between 'D'banj & Genevieve'?...hmnnn..ok,  thats not the story for today so, move on San, move on....hmnn...
keri hilson and chris brown
Keri Hilson and Chris Brown are singing to each other again and this time it isn't about their "Superhuman" powers. Keri and Chris duet with only a "One Night Stand" in mind.

Two blonde haired stars, Keri and Chris, heat up the screen with Keri's latest single "One Night Stand," which is off of her sophomore album "No Boys Allowed."
C. Breezy plays a sexy intriguing mechanic and Keri plays the sexy exotic customer who needs her car fixed.

While dancing together in a dark mystical warehouse, Keri and Chris exude the perfect amount of sex appeal without over doing it. One thing you music lovers may want to know is that Keri and Chris co-wrote this song together.

Watch Keri appease Chris in the video below!


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