Friday, March 25, 2011

Have You Heard This: Ghanaians Have Second Longest Penis In The World…

 Rasputins Penis
chei! Chineke!...this particular post am sure is gonna excite the ladies more and o! even blessed more will be the ladies who have Ghanaian boyfriends or are in Ghana presently or traveling to Ghana in the near future....

Even though at this point I cannot confirm or rubbish this research and its claims, i still think its worth finding out except...hmnn, i might have to put my Sister to that know, pimp her with a Ghana boyfriend and put a hidden camera somewhere in the room when they are about doing it...LOL you really believe this research? Where are the men, give me the figures in inches and where are the women to give me the experience…:-)

Read Below For More….

It may be just a pin-prick on the map, but the Congo’s capital Brazzaville has become a world beater – on a bizarre new penis atlas of the world. (click here to see map)

Ghana is second with an average length of 6.7inches (17.31cm). Sample data for Ghana was taken in the year 2000 by the Ghana Sexology and Femilie center

The (map) – which went online this week – rates countries by the average size of the populations’ manhoods and highlights some graphic shortcomings between East and West.

Africa’s Republic of Congo comes first with an average length of just over 7 inches, with Ghana, Colombia and Ecuador close behind.

But at the other end of the the scale, South Korea ranks barely 4 inches on average while China beats all-comers in the East with 4 1/2 inches.

England and Scotland help keep the British end up with a respectable 5 3/4 inches, shows the map, produced by the Target Map website, half an inch ahead of Ireland.

Meanwhile, new research shows that size really does matter.

A study by America’s University of Rochester shows that the distance between a man’s scrotum and his anus can affect his fertility.

Anyone measuring less than two inches is seven times more likely to be infertile, says the report.


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