Monday, March 28, 2011

Ghanaian Actor Majid Michel KIDNAPPED in NIGERIA!

Majid Michel Kidnapped To Drink Palm Wine In Nigeria

Kidnapping of movie stars is very rampant in Nigeria. Nollywood actors such as Peter Edochie, John Okafor also known as Mr. Ibu have been kidnapped before and released later after payments paid to their kidnappers.

The latest movie star to be kidnapped in Nigeria is Ghanaian Actor “Majid Michel”.

Ahead of the final day for the winners of the 7th edition of the African Movie Academy Awards held on Sunday, Ghanaian actor and nominee in the up coming AMAAwas kidnapped by a cross section of the Bayelsan citizen. He was kidnapped when he visited the poolside where the delegates from the various African countries were assembled.

However this kidnapping didn’t involve guns and shooting. It was what people will call ‘mutual kidnapping’. This time, the actor wasn’t kidnapped for weeks and didn’t pay anything to be released. He was held for several hours to the chagrin of the organizers of the wedding ceremony.

The kidnappers didn’t come with gun, they had just come to the hotel to attend a wedding ceremony and midway through the event, the Ghanaian actor appeared from no where and immediately all attention was turned to him. For hours, they held him hostage and demanded he either take pictures with them or would not allowed to go.

Though Majid, managed to escape the Nigerian spotlight at the airport when the aircraft he travelled in touched down at Muntala Mohammed Airport, Lagos, a time that activities at the airport had come to a halt, he couldn’t gather enough courage to say No to the kidnappers who were mostly women, children and young men.

Without any option whatsoever, the actor was then obliged to take pictures with each of the attendee. Photographers, who had come there to work, also took the opportunity to extort money from the people. They snapped and printed the pictures instantly for them.

The wedding ceremony was put on hold, it commenced after the photo-taking section with the actor. Some men who were enjoying palm wine offered him some and forced him to drink it, which he did without hesitation.


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