Friday, March 25, 2011

Chris Brown Apologize For His “Window Busting” Outburst & Blames Everybody But Himself For His Actions

Chris Brown made an appearance yesterday on BET’s ’106 & Park and he took the time to apologize for for his recent “window busting” outburst on Good Morning America.

He went on to share his side of the story saying that he did not pre-approved any questions regarding the Rihanna incident, and stated that he felt as if people were trying to take away from the hard work he put into making his album F.A.M.E.:

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“I’m great, as you can see after the incident you saw me out with my people just trying to enjoy life and enjoy the experience of having my album out. First and foremost, I want to apologize to anybody who was startled in the office, or anybody who was offended or really looked disappointed at my actions because I’m disappointed in the way I acted.

A lot of people don’t know what went down. Obviously…when I do shows or when I do interviews, we always send out a ‘talking point’ sheet, and if a network or whoever isn’t compliant with what we want to do so we can equally accomplish a goal, we usually kind of back out and wait until it’s a better situation. When we actually did this event everything was cool, you know, we were supposed to perform, the ‘talking points’ were positivity, creative…you know everything that was sent to me was about the album, that’s what we’re talking about.
So, as the interview proceeded, it was kinda thrown off…I was thrown off by it. I felt like they told us this so they could get us on the show and exploit me. That’s what I thought and I took it very, very hard. I kinda kept my composure throughout the whole interview, although you could see me upset, I kept my composure through my performance. When I got back I just let off…it’s like steam in the back. I didn’t physically hurt anyone.
I didn’t try to hurt anyone. I just wanted to release all the anger I had inside me because I felt like I worked so hard for this music and I love my fans and I love to be able to make positive music that I felt like they just kept trying to take it away from me and take it away from me. So, yes I got very emotional and I apologize for acting like that.”

I’m really discussed with this entire situation because But am gonna put my personall thoughts on hold for a while...DO YOU GUYS THINK...Chris Brown is playing the blame game & still making excuses for his actions???

Don’t get me wrong I’m all about 2nd chances & I love Chris Brown as an artist but his attitude is piss poor & his reasons for going crack-head crazy on the set of Good Morning America is unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t care if Robin Roberts did continue to bring the Rihanna situation up, at the end of the day he needs to learn how to control his temper & handle himself accordingly in that situation…..
It makes me sick how so many people are making excuses for his actions SMH!!!!!!

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